Shaping the digital future of maritime

MARSEC Inc. The Multimodal Transport Optimization Company

Headquartered in Palo Alto, MARSEC is a multimodal transport optimization company with focus on the maritime mode of transport employing the Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics technologies. Our goal is to improve maritime operations through revenue optimization and cost savings with help of open, innovative and flexible applications, which can be modified for the customer’s specific needs.

MARSEC is transforming maritime business by exploiting the IoT revolution, navigational and sensor data creating sea traffic management solutions.

The Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things for marine operations


MARSEC solves the pain-points of marine operations by automating daily tasks and simple-to-use tools.

Commercial Sea Traffic Management Optimization to Achieve:


  • Significant Fuel Cost Savings
  • Safety improvements through Situational Awareness and Anti-Collision  Guidance
  • Data Communications Security
  • Relieves port congestion

People - Process - Data - Things



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  • intintoli
    Martin J. Robbins, San Francisco Bay Ferry, General Manager – Vallejo
    08 October - 2015
    Blue & Gold Fleet, SF Bay Area: High Energy and listening company approach. Strong and experienced founders. In it for a long run.
  • t1
    Karl Wisløff, Technical Dir.
    13 March - 2015
    We experienced 15% fuel savings with MARSEC products.
  • t3
    Capt. Torleif Bakken
    26 January - 2015
    This I believe in! It’s so simple to use!